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A goddess in the making, or a demon reborn...?

In the remote mountain village where she was born, Mariarta dil Alicg lives the untroubled life of a peasant girl...until, soon after a mysterious stranger's arrival, she starts to hear voices in the wind. The voices whisper strange secrets in Mariarta’s ears -- promising her the power to command the stormwind, hinting at an unknown magical heritage, and prophesying a fate marvelous past all Mariarta’s imaginings.

Then a curse falls on Mariarta's village, shattering the lives of her family and friends. Mariarta must set out across the mountain realm of Raetia in search of a way to break the curse -- while also hunting for the truth about the beautiful and terrible being who's trying to possess Mariarta's soul.

Mariarta’s search will lead her into hidden domains of sorcery both dreadful and wondrous, and will finally embroil the young woman in the growing rebellion against her land's cruel Austriac oppressors -- but not before Mariarta comes face to face at last with the immortal Lady of the Storms, and challenges her to one final battle for control of her life, her soul, and her destiny...

Reader advisory:

This novel rated PG-15 for mature themes, language (Romansch), and the reinvention of democracy

A Wind from the South is now available at the Kindle Store at Amazon.com (for USD $2.54) and at the DianeDuane.com online bookstore (for 1.99). (They have to fund Whispernet. We don't.)

.ePub editions are also available at the DianeDuane.com store for Nook / iPad users and others using ePub-friendly readers.


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