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I don't think I can embed this over here. Just run over to "Out of Ambit" and have a look at it, if you have a moment.

WARNING:  don't drink anything while watching this.

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The stats, they are a-risin'. And the Irish desserts are getting a lot of attention. I commend them to you (click on the image for the full collection).

That's the Baileys Irish Cream Marble Cheesecake there. I can't tell you how hard it was to actually let the neighbors eat some of that. (droooool)

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...Just a note in passing to the Irish LJ community. Per the website of the Irish Playwrights' and Screenwriters' Guild (via Strike News Digest):

When your kids want to know "Where were you in the great Writers Strike of 2007?" you'll be able to say that you walked the line with writers from all over the world in support of the principle that, if they use our work, we get paid for it and that, however modest, you contributed to the victory that's coming for our fellow writers in the Writers' Guild of America.

This strike will define the nature of the relationship between writers and producers the world over for the foreseeable future. Every writer in the world knows it and we have got together to organise demonstrations of support to take place around the world on November 28th.

You can contribute by arriving at the Guild offices at Art House, Curved Street, Temple Bar in Dublin on Wednesday 28th November at 3.00 pm.

We'll have t-shirts and placards, a photographer and a videographer and with colleagues in Sydney, Auckland, Paris, Mexico City, London, Brussels, Berlin, Toronto, Montreal, and who knows where else we will be demonstrating world wide support for the WGA.
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This Carlsberg ad has started turning up on Irish TV recently. Three Irish guys walk into a bar in Rio... and one of them, challenged to "Do something Irish", improvises a poem. Of sorts.

Here's the translation... )


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