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A Wizard Abroad New Millennium Edition cover
Teenage wizards Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez have been working the New York suburbs for nearly thirty years now, through nine novels' worth of adventures. As the dawn of their fourth decade in print draws near, the long-planned updating of the Young Wizards series continues with the Ebooks Direct release of the fourth novel in the series: A Wizard Abroad. Abroad, like So You Want to Be a Wizard (book 1 of the Young Wizards series), Deep Wizardry (book 2), and High Wizardry (book 3), now appears in a New Millennium Edition that's been extensively edited and updated for the present century. You can find out more about the update project as a whole here. All nine books will be updated by the end of 1Q of 2013, and all brought into alignment with the new (2008-2011-based) timeline. If you've already picked up copies of the first two New Millennium Editions, you can grab A Wizard Abroad here. Alternately, if you haven't yet acquired any of the new editions, we're offering a four-volume "box set" of the first New Millennium Editions at a slightly lower price than buying all four separately.
New Millennium Edition Four-book set
(For those interested: book 5 of the series, The Wizard's Dilemma, is now in edit and will be available around mid-February of 2013.) A little about the story:
There's magic across the Atlantic... NitaCallahan's mom and dad are beginning to get the idea that she and her fellow wizard Kit are "spending a little too much time together". So -- explaining that they want to give their daughter a little vacation from wizardry -- they pack Nita off for a month-long stay with her eccentric aunt at her farm in Ireland. But this turns out to have been a bad move on Nita's parents' part, since Ireland is even more steeped in magical doings than the United States.
Nita, initially certain that she's going to be bored out of her mind, soon finds that the serene beauty of the Irish landscape is deceptive. The ghosts of men and beasts and other beings -- including what seem to be heroes, ancient gods, and even the Powers that Be -- confront her at every turn. And her attention to strictly wizardly business during this crisis is somewhat distracted by the dark and edgy Ronan Nolan, a local teen wizard with uncomfortable secrets... and an agenda that might possibly include Nita.
Along with a group of Irish wizards both young and old, Nita and Kit (who joins her in Ireland) are drafted into an increasingly desperate battle with the Lone Power in yet another of Its many forms. The fight is a personal one, as always -- but this time there's more at stake than usual, as the ancient Enemy of life attempts to submerge the everyday Ireland in an older, more dangerous one: a place where human beings are fairy tales, and the legends and monsters of Celtic myth are a deadly reality....
Reviewers say:
"Duane seamlessly interweaves encounters with creatures from legend with glimpses of modern Irish life and teen culture... So clever and well reasoned that readers will have no trouble suspending disbelief." (School Library Journal)
"An engaging fantastical tale... Definitely worth reading." (Book Trust)
"Suitable for a wide range of readers. The colourful descriptions and imaginative characters create an exciting read... found it difficult to put the book down." (Platform)

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“Not On My Patch” is the first of a series of planned YW short stories scheduled to be published together in late 2012 in a one-story-per-month anthology entitled The Wizards’ Year.

We’re offering “Not On My Patch” to advance readers this year as part of an effort to help UNICEF celebrate the 60th anniversary of its annual Halloween “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” campaign. “Not On My Patch” is now available for reading on the Young Wizards website! If you want to read it, here’s what you need to do:

Go to DD’s donations page at the UNICEF USA website and make a donation of USD $5.00 or more directly to Trick or Treat for UNICEF. (Donors from outside the USA: please note that the “State” dropdown has a “none” option at the very bottom of the state list. Choose that so that the form will allow you to fill in other info and complete the donation. Don’t forget to change the country dropdown, too.)

Once you’ve donated: the UNICEF USA website will send you an email confirming your donation. When you receive it, just forward a copy of it to this email address:


We’ll immediately send you back a link to a web page where you can read the story or (on October 29/30) download an e-reader-friendly file (.ePub / Sony Reader & Nook, .mobi / Kindle, and .lit / Microsoft Reader formats). The email will also contain a password that will enable you to open the page.

Until Halloween 2011 is over in the USA (at 00:01 Hawaiian Standard Time on November 1st), only direct donors to UNICEF at DD’s UNICEF USA page will be able to read the story. However, on November 1st, “Not On My Patch” will go on sale at DD’s online Ebooks Direct store, where all proceeds from the story will continue to be donated to UNICEF. The story will continue to be available until November 30th, at which time it will be withdrawn and will not be available again until it appears as the October story in the anthology The Wizards’ Year in late 2012.

Thanks for investigating our plan to help make a difference in the 60th birthday of the “Trick or Treat for UNICEF” campaign!

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… and even for those of you who’re not: there’s something going on.

Just so you know…

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For those who're interested: the release of the AWoM paperback is scheduled for May 2, 2011, and you can preorder it now.


"In the hotly anticipated ninth installment of the Young Wizards series, Kit and Nita become part of an elite team investigating the mysterious 'message in a bottle' that holds the first clues to the secrets of the long-lost inhabitants of Mars. But not even wizardry can help them cope with the strange events that unfold when the "bottle" is uncorked and a life form from another era emerges.

"Though the Martians seem friendly, they have a plan that could change the shape of more than one world. As the shadow of interplanetary war stretches over both worlds, Kit and Nita must fight to master the strange and ancient synergy binding them to Mars and its last inhabitants. If they don't succeed, the history that left Mars lifeless will repeat itself on Earth..."
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Kobo logo

After the posting that went up yesterday on the unavailability of digital versions of the Young Wizards books in Canada, we had a really interesting response in the comments…

 Hi there,

When we saw this blog post we contacted HMH directly to inquire about where Canadian rights for the Young Wizards series stand. They confirmed that the titles do have Canadian rights, so as of a few hours ago they've been available to readers in Canada: (use this link.)

Nathan Maharaj
Manager, Merchandising

You folks are stars.  Thank you, Nathan! We’ll update all the web pages at YoungWizards.com and DianeDuane.com to reflect this.

I also note this response to Nathan from”Jc”:

And are the errors fixed?

I’d say it’s a fair bet that they won’t be, and indeed can’t be, considering that the distributors of ebooks — like Kobo and Smashwords and B&N and Amazon —  are specifically enjoined by the publishers against changing the content of ebooks. Errors or other production issues in an ebook have to be addressed by the publisher in question itself.

Seriously — and it seems I have to keep saying this, since there are a surprising number of people who’ve been writing me in a “tone of voice” that suggests they expect me to fix these problems personally — my influence in these matters is minimal. Maybe that’s annoying, but it’s the way things are. While I personally supervise the quality of ebooks that come out of Badfort Press and Errantry Press, I have no direct quality control over ebooks produced inside Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. As consumers, if you find that the presentation of the product you’re being sold falls below your expectations of quality, you need to be contacting the publisher yourselves and making your opinions known. If enough people do this, there’s a chance of something happening.

Anyway, congratulations to Kobo! I didn’t even know you folks existed until very recently. I’m impressed by your proactiveness.  :)  Canadian YW fans, if you would check the Kobo link above and make sure that it produces results for you, I’d appreciate it.

Secondary to the above: 

ETA:   The excellent Nathan Maharaj has provided us with a complete set of links to the ePub editions of the YW series now available at KoboBooks.com. These are available to Canadian .ePub readers:

So You Want To Be A Wizard (eISBN 9780547545110) 
Deep Wizardry (eISBN 9780547538662)
High Wizardry (eISBN 9780547540306)
A Wizard Abroad (eISBN 9780547546797)
The Wizard's Dilemma (eISBN 9780547546827) 
A Wizard Alone (eISBN 9780547546803)
Wizard's Holiday (eISBN  9780547546834) 
Wizards at War (eISBN  9780547546810)
A Wizard of Mars (eISBN 9780547487953)

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The International Edition of High Wizardry is now out in the Kindle Store at Amazon.com and the DianeDuane.com online bookshop.

Cover of High  Wizardry international edition

This edition duplicates the text of the North American High Wizardry editions from the 1st ed. hardcover through to the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt mass-market and digest edition paperbacks. Please note that this is not the revised / expanded "Author's Cut" edition: that will be coming out later in the year.

The International Editions are for readers outside the US and Canada only, so please don't bother trying to buy a copy if your address is in North America. If you're in the US or Canada and you want a copy of the High Wizardry ebook, please use this link for the Kindle / .mobi version and this link for the .ePub.

The High Wizardry International Edition sells for USD $5.35 at the DD.com Bookshop and USD $6.29 at Amazon.com. (Possibly because they have to fund Whispernet and we don't.)




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So Uptown Local and Other Interventions is finally ready!

I've been wanting to collect a batch of favorite stories together for a while now, and an ebook seemed like the perfect way to go. (The paper version will follow later: we'll be converting this along with the new international ebook editions of the Young Wizards books.)

The anthology contains:
  • In The Company of Heroes -- A billionaire "living the dream" goes on a desperate quest for the one thing he needs to make his life perfect: a very special comic book...

  • The Rizzoli Bag -- A sad young man in a Roman cafe is offered a once-in-a-lifetime bargain...

  • Out of the Frying Pan -- The life of a part-time witch working in a shopping mall is turned upside down in a day...

  • The Queen and the Thief and the Dragon -- A (fairy) tale of the True West, and a young monarch's solution to a thorny diplomatic problem...

  • Bears -- An ancient sorrow (with a modern twist) wanders through the tumult of a pre-Lenten street carnival...

  • The Fix -- In the dark guts of Rome's Colosseum, a slave boy with an impossible dream becomes entangled in the machinations of immortals...

  • Herself -- In the heart of Dublin, something is killing the People of the Hills -- and it's going to take Ireland's only superhero to stop it...

  • Hopper Painting -- Desolation and redemption in a midnight diner...

  • The Back Door -- Two terrorists meet in Zurich to carry out a very unusual heist with a confederate who's more dangerous than they imagine...
...And naturally the title story, which hasn't been in print since it appeared in the So You Want to Be a Wizard 20th anniversary hardcover: and the only other Young Wizards short story, Theobroma.

Uptown Local and Other Interventions
is available for purchase in DRM-free Kindle / .mobi and Nook / iPad / .ePub formats here and (soon) at the DianeDuane.com online bookshop for USD $5.99.

If you're interested in grabbing a copy, click here for the sales page at DianeDuane.com. It's got the PayPal buttons.

BTW, this is important: If by chance you saw the tweet about the anthology last night and bought a copy then or early this morning, your copy is missing a vital page or two of the story "Herself". Please use the download link in your confirmation email to download another copy, as the missing material has been restored. We'll also be emailing all the affected purchasers new copies of the file as soon as we make a few other corrections to the text.


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