Apr. 16th, 2011

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Hills Prescription k/d

As of this weekend we'll be running out of the supply of special kidney-friendly cat food that the vet's office sent home with Mr. Squeak after his hospital stay. Now it's time to start ordering it seriously, and jeezLouise is that stuff expensive. Also, in our neck of the woods you have to order it in bulk from the distributor... which means a minimum of 40-unit cases. Still: it's in a good cause.

So it's time to have a sale at the DD.com ebook shop! From this morning (meaning 0900 UTC), April 16, until Monday morning (again, 0900 UTC), April 18, we're offering a 25%-off sale on all ebooks in the shop. (ETA: due to popular demand, this offer has been extended to / through Tuesday morning (0900 UTC), April 19th.)

The discount offer includes:

  • And the Young Wizards International Editions. (Purchasers outside the US and Canada only, please!) Including:
(For those interested: the other four books are still in production, but we expect to have them all up by mid-May.)
Not Particularly

To get your discount, all you need to do is enter the coupon code CATFOOD at the checkout page. This will deduct 25% from your final total. And for customers taking advantage of this offer: you can use the coupon TWICE over the course of the weekend if you want to.

So shop early and often! And thanks in advance to all of you who elect to assist us in what we hope will be a long battle with the prescription catfood wholesaler.  :)

...And now it's time for a gratuitous cat picture, showing the senior cat in healthier days. (BTW, if you want to see some more of Squeaky, click here to view a nice selection of photos of him at Flickr.)



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We saw this while in the excellent Martinsbräu in Freiburg in Breisgau, that jewel among German cities -- possibly the most Mediterranean of the cities of the German south.

The whole place is downstairs one level, under the busy city food market above. There are booths and tables set near the big copper brew kettles (the Martinsbräu is a microbrewery) and off to one side, by one of the big tables, pictures of angels are hung on the far wall.

Theoretically, the various angels are supposed to be protecting their charges. But some of the angels look... a little ambivalent.


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